The Day After The Rapture

The Bride Of Christ has been called home
And this world is a hopeless mess
It happened yesterday at dawn
Now society is being put to the test

Pandemonium and anarchy will reign
How to stop it, nary a clue
What’s left of the government
They won’t know just what to do

Martial law will be set in place
As the streets will no longer be safe
Authorities were overwhelmed by it all
Enact laws that against wisdom chafe

Churches will be full to overflowing
By people looking for a second chance
Ones who had put Jesus aside
Were now caught up in a circumstance

This world will never be the same
Because God’s church, it has left
The power that held it all together
God’s love! This world is now bereft

Life here on Earth will go on
With people doing the best they can
An uphill struggle it will be
For this mortal species called man

Friday, June 17, 2022