Refuge Island

There's a place named Refuge Island
That exists in my fondest dreams
A safe haven that I always run to
When life gets tough, so it seems

All of the people there are friendly
Always greet me with a hug and smile
They make me feel more than welcome
Expect me to stay for quite a while

It’s a place of spectacular beauty
Where the sun never fails to shine
And you never have to go hungry
Fruit hangs heavily upon the vines

Forests are in great abundance
Plenty of shade to keep you cool
Meadows that are green and lush
Surround deep and crystal pools

It’s a place that I can always go to
When I feel that I must get away
Seclude myself in a grassy meadow
And take the time I need to pray

It seems that I go there more often
To find the acceptance that I need
Just get away from this old world
And take the time for my soul to feed

Tuesday, June 21, 2022