A Pious Me

There's a situation in the church

Of which I feel compelled to speak

Something that is a church wrecker

If not fixed the outcome is bleak

I am talking about church members

Who believe the church belongs to them

Whose opinions and their backbiting

Becomes something impossible to stem

In all reality, the church belongs to God

No individual should ever stake a claim

And those who think they know better

The reward they receive can’t be blamed

Those four walls are hallowed ground

And God has entrusted them to us

What goes on inside those four walls

It’s His business so we shouldn’t fuss

God has appointed a pastor over us

In Him we should spiritually trust

God will not allow ulterior motives

And He will remove them if He must

It you look at almost any church

You will always see it try to rise up

Those churches need to open their eyes

Not allow troublemakers to disrupt

We must remember God is in control

He places the pastors that He wants

To them He has given His anointing

His authority we should never flaunt

This situation can easily be remedied

If the overall picture people would see

They must understand the church is God’s

It doesn’t belong to a pious you or me

June 14, 2022