Spiritual Food

Man cannot live by bread alone

But by every word that proceeds

Words spoken by Christ, our Lord

While describing our spiritual needs

Our physical bodies require nutrition

In order to function day by day

Our spirit also has its daily needs

To overcome Satan along life’s way

There are spiritual tools we can use

And the Bible describes them as gifts

They are there, always at our disposal

They are meant to encourage and uplift

These gifts are also known as fruit

A guideline for how we should live

They teach us the qualities of Jesus

How we are to serve and also forgive

Having Peace will bring ultimate Joy

Temperance and Long-suffering you must do

Meekness and Gentleness are equal

Faith and Goodness are required of you

There is a fruit that is much sweeter

Than any of the ones listed above

This fruit is the epitome of Jesus

This precious fruit, we know as His Love

This holy fruit needs to grow every day

And with His Word, it is richly fertilized

As it blossoms, matures inside each of us

Spiritual fulfillment is received and realized

Friday, June 24, 2022