The Oval Office Mouse

I am a little brown mouse
In the oval office, I reside
I have a secret hole
Where I can safely hide

All the gossip I have learned
And some top secrets too
I have paid close attention
In this crazy political zoo

Lies, I have heard plenty
And some broken promises too
I’m just a little brown mouse
There’s nothing I can do

For the office where I am
Depicts just how I live
It can be a safe refuge
Or mismanagement to forgive

I am glad I am a mouse
I can hide inside my hole
Not be put in a situation
For power give up my soul

I’ve lived here many years
Have seen them come and go
Some years I do very well
And others have little to show

After all I am an old mouse
There’s nothing I can do
Because the men who lived here
Didn’t have a clue

I’ve listened to their promises
I’ve heard all of their lies
How this country’s turned out
It’s really not a surprise

I can’t help but wonder
Will this great country succumb?
That’s why my daily prayer
Is please Lord Jesus come!

Tuesday, June 21, 2022