Holy Fire

The doors were wide open
At the little country church
It was Sunday night service
Members on pews perched

Aunt Ethel was in her spot
Uncle Elmer was by her side
The twins! They were fidgetin”
Lookin’ for a place to hide

Sister Spurgeon led the singin’
Sister Rankin, the piano did play
Blessed Assurance, it was sung
Off key to their dismay

To the pulpit Pastor Wilkins went
There the Spirit hit him hard
On the floor he collapsed
It caught him totally off guard

Fire and brimstone there he preached
From his mouth, it did pour
“Amens” and “Thank You, Jesus”
Resounded like never before

The twins came and joined him
As the Holy Ghost fire fell
That night they both got saved
While under the Spirit’s spell

Aunt Ethel was on her knees
Uncle Elmer, tears glistening, cried
That night the piano got tuned
A miracle happened to its insides

While the Spirit was moving
In the distance, a siren was heard
In moments a fire truck arrived
And the service! It was disturbed

The fire chief, he apologized
“We heard the church was on fire”
“Several people called it in”
“They saw flames on the spire”

“On fire we most definitely are”
The pastor smiled and said
“The Holy Spirit came a visitin’”
“His fire you saw instead”

“You’ll see His fire here often”
“Look for it on the spire”
“If you come, check it out”
“Join us if you so desire”

“Most always He is here”
“He likes it, yes He does”
“We make Him feel at home”
“Over Him we make a fuss”

“We’ve learned not to ignore Him”
“That is why He comes”
“And for a little country church
He keeps us under His thumb”

“Wouldn’t have it any other way”
“We want to feel His fire”
“If you see the church aflame
Realize it is our desire”

The chief nodded and walked away
Next Sunday he saw the flame
Stopped his car, entered in
Confessed his sins in Jesus’ name

Tuesday, June 14, 2022