All Kinds Of Stupid

There are all kinds of stupid
You can see it almost anywhere
It can pop up unexpectedly
It’s for sure you must beware

So, let’s begin with “dumb”
A term that is used loosely
It relates to their intelligence
Or the lack of it perversely

Next, we go to “idiocy
And it is so easy to spot
Just look at our politicians
Smart? It’s obvious their not

Then we go to “braindead”
It opens up a new spectrum
It suggests that you probably
Are talking through your rectum

Next, we go to “ignorant”
Meaning your intellect is weak
Goes hand in hand with stupid
Then your future is bleak

To be classified as being stupid
Is unnerving, to say the least
It can  completely control your life
If you decide to accept the beast

They say that there is no cure
If you’re stupid, you’ll always be
So, from me please stay away
Don’t rub it off on me!

Friday, June 17, 2022