The Flu Shot

Standing now in line he was
Waiting to get an annual flu shot
His mother had made him come
Looking forward to it, was not

In the distance, he saw the needle
It looked at least a foot long
He suddenly had other ideas
That here he didn’t belong

His mother was right beside him
So he couldn’t possibly get away
His stomach, it became queasy
And he suddenly began to sway

The look on the doctor’s face
Was enough to make him scream
What was about to happen
Could be called a nightmarish dream

Into his butt, it was plunged
He thought he was gonna die
The moan that he softly muttered
Was the beginning of a cry

Everything turned suddenly black
Knees buckling, he went down
The doctor looked down at him
And suddenly began to frown

“I somehow used the wrong syringe”
“We have to do it all over again”
“The last time I made this mistake”
“Why, I can’t remember when.”

“We’ll have to try to get him up”
“I can’t give it while he’s down”
“I’m so sorry that it happened”
“I feel like such a medical clown”

“So, on his feet they got him
Another monster needle appeared
It hurt worse than the other
It was just as bad as he feared

He’d never get another flu shot
He had made up his mind
He would rather be sick in bed
Than get a shot in the behind!

Tuesday, June 21, 2022