A Rule To Live By

In the little. old country church
They learned about the Golden rule
Treat others like you want to be treated
Was an accepted Scriptural jewel

For some, it was very hard to do
For others, it came rather easy
A Biblical process of importance
Some thought it outdated and cheesy

Others thought you must get ahead
By any way that you can
Trickery, deceit, and outright lies
Done against your fellow man

They were the ones who suffered
Found out that they were wrong
The road that they were traveling
Was the one where they didn’t belong

The ones that understood it
Were humble, gentle, and meek
They had learned the hard way
You must turn the other cheek

It’s a principle Jesus taught
A Tenth Commandment it is not
That doesn’t mean it’s not important
From it you can learn a lot

The Golden Rule, it is still here
Not many know it very well
And failure to understand it
Could send you straight to Hell!

Friday, June 17, 2022