Mother Nature's Way

A shingle here, a pillow there

A doghouse perched in a tree

The path that the storm took

Is very obvious for all to see

A foundation without a house

A barn in an awkward tilt

Now they are just memories

Of lives and dreams once built

A straw sticking thru a pole

Put there by an incredible force

And it was also reported

Someone saw a flying horse

Memories are scattered everywhere

Family pictures, vacation trips

For miles along its path

It littered as it rose and dipped

It has a tendency to destroy

What everyone holds so dear

It matters not to whom or why

It replaces security with fear

Things deemed important, not so much

As it is barreling your way

Tornadoes have a way of deciding

How you cherish every day

Are they Mother Nature’s way

Of changing your priorities?

For when it is coming toward you

Better spend time on your knees

June 14, 2022