He Lives

“I Serve A Risen Savior”
Is a hymns verse that I know
To me it is very precious
Through it my faith it shows

“He Lives, Christ Jesus Lives Today”
Those words couldn’t be more true
They always remind me of my Savior
To Him all glory and honor is due

“Standing On The Promises”
To my heart joy, it brings
For I know He really loves me
When those words I sing

“Up From The Grave He Arose”
Is a song of victory we sing
It proclaims that He came back
And all the joy that it brings

“Onward Christian Soldiers”
Tells us there is a Heavenly war
That Satan has been defeated
And that his reign on Earth is o’er

“Just As I Am”
Clearly, it defines me
I sang it with a whole heart
More like Christ, wanted to be

“Because He Lives”
Is the reason that I live
Because of what He sacrificed
To Him my heart I freely give

Friday, June 17, 2022