A Vapor In Time

Just a small vapor in time
Is the short life that we live
In that time it’s up to us
The contributions that we give

To make their mark most try
Before their time here is done
Something to remember them by
Before their eternity has begun

Some will become literary giants
Others will excel in sports
Philanthropists, some will be
Pastors, their mission is to exhort

Others will waste away their lives
Against society, they will rebel
Committing crimes and atrocities
Guaranteeing eternity spent in Hell

Being a small vapor in time
It can be quite intimidating
Unless you’re right with god
And eternity you are anticipating

Being a vapor, it’s quite alright
In reality, you have no choice
There’s one thing you must do
When God calls, heed His voice

What better mark can you leave
Than be called a child of God
Sharing His love with everyone
Knowing you’ll walk on Heavenly sod

I will gladly be a vapor
My God, I will gladly serve
Knowing that if I serve Him
I’ll get what I eternally deserve

Friday, June 17, 2022