Understanding Death

Sometimes it’s hard to think about death
It is a subject we tend to try to avoid
Especially when it’s about someone we love
And we are desperately needing to fill a void

The Bible says that we are born to die
And that we must live our lives accordingly
But when it happens premature, unexpected
Sometimes it can be hard to take, seems to me

I know that God has a plan for our lives
Only He knows when your life on Earth is done
And how he does it sometimes baffles me
A stillborn, unexpected illness, with a gun

I know that He allows it to finally happen
To fulfill an unknown, unexplained plan
Is it to wake us up, see the whole picture
How fragile we are, this species called human

He allows us to endure pain and heartache
Expects us somehow to deal with our loss
Wants us to dry our tears, get on with life
Standing before grave markers, names embossed

How we deal with death is an individual thing
Easy for some but it is hard for most
If they were born again it’s a happy time
They’re communing with Father, Son, and  Holy Ghost

Friday, June 17, 2022