God's Promises

“Stand on God’s promises”
That is what my pastor said
Every week I hear it
Pounded into my head

Healing is yours to claim
Claim it now in Jesus’ name
Prosperity, you can have it too
It is yours just the same

You can now think clearly
Your mind has been healed
It happened the very moment
When before Him you kneeled

Don’t let Satan rob you
Of what is rightfully yours
Jesus dying on the cross
He opened Heaven’s doors

Showers of His blessings
Descend down upon you now
All you ever have to do
Is before him humbly bow

The promises that He made
He won’t take them back
Because you are His children
You will never suffer lack

So, stand your ground
When Satan launches his attack
Look him in the eye
And give it doubly back

You have the power
To make him run away
By claiming all God’s power
When you stand and pray

A promise is a promise
Just like a holy decree
God gave it to His children
Yes, it is you and me

Friday, June 17, 2022