The Gunfighter

Twenty feet apart they stood
Out in the broiling sun
In moments it would happen
A dispute settled with a gun

The moment that he hit town
A price was on his head
Now the moment was here
And someone would be dead

Calm, it was his demeanor
Inside he was a coiled spring
His opponent he watched closely
His intention only to wing

He saw it in his challenger’s eyes
The moment of truth had come
The roar of gunfire resounded
His challenger, he did succumb

He lay there before him
A lifeless form he now was
And because of his reputation
He was challenged, just becuz’

Now he must leave this town
Not politely asked to leave
Wherever he went, he fought
Believing a bullet he’d receive

He was feared wherever he went
But it didn’t stop the fools
His name brought out the foolish
Tried to beat him with deadly tools

A lonely life he now led
Never able to put down roots
His future, it was preordained
He would die wearing his boots

No wife would he ever have
No kids bearing his name
The life that he had chosen
He had no one but himself to blame

Friday, June 17, 2022