Night Eyes

Jason had always been afraid of the dark. It was a nightly ordeal for his mom to get him to go to bed. Thoughts of monsters and bad men always invaded his mind while trying to go to sleep. Tonight was no different than any other night. His mom had tucked him in, read a story, and tried to tiptoe out of his room. Sometimes she would succeed in getting through the door but more often than not Jason would stir and she would have to start the process all over again.

She always made sure that what she read him was gentle, with no violence or monsters as the imagination of a five year is vivid.

His mom had barely left the room when Jason awoke with a start. He sensed that there was something wrong and called for his mom.

“Mommy! Mommy!!” he screamed.

“What’s the matter, honey,” she answered as she came through the door.

“Someone’s watching me! I can feel their eyes looking at me. I’m scared. Will you stay with me for a while? Read me another story. Please!”

“Now Jason, you know it’s just your imagination again. You’re using it as an excuse to stay up. There’s nothing wrong in here but I’ll give you your flashlight so that you can see for yourself,” said his mom.

She turned off the light and left the room. Jason pulled his blanket over his head and lay there quietly crying. Suddenly he heard a faint rustling and peeked from under the blanket. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught some movement. Not knowing if he was imagining things or if something did actually move, he quickly turned on the flashlight and shone it around the room. He stopped the flashlight in mid-swing as he came to his wall shelf. It was obvious that someone had moved all of his stuffed animals because they all were turned to face him. All of his cartoon characters and his favorite bear were staring at him in a strange way.

Suddenly his bear smiled and winked at him! Jason watched as the smile turned into a smirk as his fangs began to show!

“Mommy! Mommy! Come here quick!” he screamed.

“Now Jason! You go to sleep. I’m not coming in there again,” answered his mom from outside his door.

“But mommy! My bear smiled at me and then he had teeth! I’m scared!” pleaded Jason.

“Jason, that’s the silliest thing I ever heard of. You go to sleep,” scolded his mom.

Again he let his flashlight sweep the room and saw that the animals were normal and there were no smiles or smirks this time. Jason wondered if he actually saw what he thought he saw or if it was his imagination. But one thing was for certain. There was no way he was going to peek under his bed! As he quietly sobbed himself to sleep he didn’t hear the soft fall of forms to the floor or the silent approach to his bed. Nor will he remember the furry hand that clamped over his mouth and the small hands that drug him under his bed.

July 11, 2020