A New Creation

A new creation I have become

My former life was forgiven, gone

Sin, it no longer controls me

As my need for God, it dawned

Now I serve a risen Master

My sins, all of them He forgave

Satan no longer has a foothold

And I am no longer his slave

Satan still tries to trick me

Won’t work, I won’t be beguiled

I am onto all of his methods

I vow that I won’t be defiled

My future is fantastic

I have everything to eternally gain

A home prepared for me in Heaven

Where eternal security is attained

His promises, they all are mine

His blessings, He pours out on me

Divine health, at the top of the list

Poverty, not for me He decreed

The cattle on a thousand hills

He says that they can be mine

Perfect health I can walk in

Are all promises from the Divine

As a new creation, I am blessed

It’s how it is supposed to be

Being God’s child I can expect it

It’s what He has promised me

I will live with Him forever

We will walk in one accord

I am the child of the King

I will forever call Him Lord

June 14, 2022