Big Red Eyes

 It’s late night and you’re watching TV

You’re relaxed, not expecting to be surprised

During a commercial, glance out your window

Into a pair of big, bright red eyes

It is staring at you with great interest

And then it opens its mouth and roars

From your sight, it suddenly vanishes

And then starts pounding on your door

Your first thought is to call for help

Which means at least a thirty-minute wait

A lot can happen during that time

And what you do determines your fate

In horror, you hear the door buckle

The stress and creaks, a horrible sound

All of this time the creature is roaring

Its intentions are most definitely inbound

It’s your first encounter with a Bigfoot

A meeting you will never ever forget

For if you survive this primal attack

The memory will always keep you upset

In your bathtub, you huddle and tremble

In your mind, you expect the worst

To be torn apart, limb by bloody limb

As the Bigfoot sates its carnal thirst

In the distance, you can hear a siren

And you realize help is almost here

Just maybe it will get here in time

To alleviate all of your desperate fear

In the darkness, the creature retreats

In the shadows, it slowly turns to watch

It knows that it will keep coming back

Because it is curious, being a Sasquatch

June 14, 2022