The Farm Alarm

To a friend’s house, he went
The time? It was ten thirty-eight
He almost didn’t go there
After all, it was getting pretty late

He parked his car and got out
Up the sidewalk, he quickly went
Didn’t want to wake his parents
If he did home he’d be sent

A large oak tree stood nearby
Over the sidewalk, a limb stretched
In the moonlight, it stood sentinel
Dark shadows by The moon were sketched

Under the tree limb, he walked
Eyeing the door that was ahead
When all of sudden it happened
For a moment he thought he was dead

On that limb sat guinea hens
The perfect watchdog for a farm
They waited until the last moment
Then joined in raising the alarm

Startled! It was an understatement
He screamed, about pooped his pants
For that door, he quickly raced
Life or death? His last chance!

His friend was waiting at the door
On the floor rolling with glee
His parents from their bedroom rushed
Thinking there was a calamity

“Those blasted guineas did it again!”
“It was the minister last week!”
“Sorry, son! Are you all right?”
“I think so!” he wheezily squeaked

Thursday, June 16, 2022