Childhood Heroes

When I think about my heroes
Beginning when I was a child
I have so many fond memories
Of times both tame and wild

The first had to be my grandma
From her I received all her love
In her eyes, I could do no wrong
Now she watches me from above

Next is my first-grade teacher
She saw a shy, introverted boy
Took me under her motherly wing
Made first-grade absolute joy

A Sunday School Teacher I won’t forget
In him, I saw Jesus every day
Through him, I learned about God
As he nurtured me along the way

Next on my list is Walt Disney
Through him, my imagination grew
Sunday nights were a special time
When I explored worlds old and new

Saturday mornings I watched Roy Rogers
Wearing my chaps, official six guns
As far as heroes go, he was it
Many make-believe battles I won

I wanted to be like Mickey Mantle
One day hit a ball over a fence
To me, he was my sports hero
Be proficient in offense and defense

As I got older my heroes changed
I no longer watched Mickey or Roy
Other heroes became more important
Or they seemed so to this boy

I have saved the very best for last
My ultimate hero, He is the one
The day I met my Lord Jesus
I gave my heart to God’s Holy Son

Friday, June 17, 2022