They Came From Outer Space

From the far reaches of the galaxy, they came. Breaking through the atmosphere, they circled the Earth and landed. Ooma, the expedition leader, was in charge of dispersing and picking up members of the parties. They had been on Earth for a month. As a member boarded another person took their place for their month’s duration. After each transfer was made the spacecraft would proceed to the next drop-off and pick up point. Completing the circuit, Ooma made sure that everybody was aboard, safe and secure, and ready for the voyage home. Satisfied, Ooma told the pilot to take off and immediately they were racing homeward.

Ooma stood before the party as they ate and drank food from home. No more strange fare for them. By the way, they ate, he knew that they really missed home cooking.

“Settle down everyone, it is time for your reports. I know that everything on Earth is new to you. I want to know if you noticed anything strange, something totally out of place. I know that you were briefed, about what to expect, before you left home, but sometimes things happen,” he asked.

“What a strange place, it was more than I expected,” offered Jilgah as he sipped from a cup of warm honey.

“In what way?”

“Everything is so fast-paced. Totally hectic. Where they go and what they do, I have no clue,” he answered.

“Does anybody agree with him?"

Everybody’s hand shot into the air.

“In your briefing was the answer. Remember? Earth is the only planet that rebelled against God. Satan deceived the first inhabitants and the rest is history. It is a sinful place that one day God will purify and reclaim. Until then, the only hope the Earthlings have is Jesus. You all know about Jesus?” asked Ooma.

They all nodded their heads in agreement.

“Jannus, God’s Ambassador to our planet, has taught us many things about God and His love for us. We are so blessed because we didn’t rebel against God. The Earthlings have to do a thing called work as part of their punishment. I’m sure you observed it there. Do we have to do it? No, we don’t. Do we worry about where our next meal will come from? No, we don’t. Why not? It is because God takes care of us,” said Ooma.

“Now, let’s talk about our checklist. Topic number one is political unrest. What did you see? Be thorough, don’t leave anything out.”

“Earth is full of mad men. They all want power and will do anything to get it,” offered Gooba.

“My destination is ruled by a dictator. If you go against him you die,” shuddered Tirgah.

“My destination is in turmoil. Two political parties fight for control. There will be an election, this fall, to determine if the current leader will stay in office or be unseated. My impression of him is that he does some questionable things sometimes, but he tries to do what is best for his people. The other party despises him. The slander, backbiting, broken promises, and general confusion is amazing and terrible,” offered Velga.

“Every country has its political problems.”

“Do all of you have the same opinion? That the Earth is politically unstable?” asked Ooma.

Again, they all nodded in agreement.

“We will talk about a solution during our summary.  The next topic, on the list, is health. Through our spy organization, we have learned that there is a pandemic on Earth. A virus called Covid-19. What did you encounter?”

Hands shot up immediately. Ooma chose one and waited.

“There are millions who are sick with the virus and a percentage of them are dying.”

“People are afraid, many are homebound, and their medical facilities are overwhelmed,”

“They are working on a vaccine, but nothing has been verified as a cure yet,” offered another.

Ooma nodded and answered, “Our spies tell us that it is a very grave situation. People who don’t take the required precautions are running the risk of getting sick and spreading the virus. We also have been told that the health insurance companies are struggling with false or enhanced claims and are paying exorbitant amounts to the medical facilities. There is fraud and corruption everywhere. Again, we will talk more in the summary. When we get home everyone is to endure a month-long quarantine. There has been no sickness, on our planet, for thousands of years, but we are not going to take any chances.”

They reluctantly agreed. Everyone wanted to see their families.

“The next topic is something we have never dealt with, racial discrimination.  Any observations?”

Borna immediately raised his hand, “It is everywhere. Minority groups hate each other and are willing to fight. I don’t understand it. There are many races that feel like they have been mistreated and abused. How can this be? On our planet. we love each other. There is no hatred there.”

“My destination was in a place called America. I was placed in a state called Mississippi. I talked to Earthlings that told me their ancestors were slaves. I can’t comprehend it, being owned by another person. They told me that a war, they called it the Civil War, was fought because of it. It stopped the slavery but the discrimination, to some extent, still goes on,” offered Twinga.

“The authorities, something called police, aren’t trusted because of what they have done to quell violence committed by minorities. Some instances have been justified while others were blatant crimes. The areas where this happened are smoldering powder kegs, ready to go off at any provocation. It is very frightening there,” offered Anini.

“This brings up another topic, the subject of anarchy. Any comments?” asked Ooma.

“There are militant groups forming left and right. Rioting, looting. and protest marches are happening everywhere. Some protest discrimination, but others are promoted by a faction determined to put fear in control of everything. Weapon sales are skyrocketing and people are afraid to leave their homes.” Elpira said.

“It’s more than that. People are afraid of any kind of confrontation. The murder rate is up and the authorities can’t cope with it all. Many Earthlings are carrying weapons for protection,” offered Stega.

“It could lead to another Civil War. People have had enough and will stand and fight.”

“That happened in a suburb of a place called Denver. A militant group was determined it was going to burn, loot and destroy. The community united together, blockaded the streets, brandished their weapons, and held off the attackers,” said Twinga.

“I feel that it will become common throughout that country. The problem is that one of the political parties wants to disarm the public. If that happens, then anarchy will have a stranglehold there,” offered Banea.

They all sadly shook their heads and waited on Ooma.

“Earth’s economy is next, any comments?”

“Most Earthlings are either broke or nearly so. Finding work, that satisfies their needs, is hard to find,” answered Borna.

“You see people frequenting food banks for assistance or they are begging on street corners.”

“I saw someone scavenging a dumpster for food. Whenever they found anything, that they thought they could eat, they hid it away and scurried away, hoping someone wouldn’t see them. Desperate, but they still had their pride intact,” offered Twinga.

“Most of the countries are over their heads in debt. If their creditors demanded full payment they would financially collapse.”

Ooma nodded in agreement and continues, “What about patriotism?”

“Most of the people still believe in their countries and would fight to defend them. Many people wave their country’s flag and are proud to live there. In some countries there is a movement, that keeps in the background, that is ready to call to arms its citizens and do what it needs to preserve their country.

“In my destination, the people have given up hope. They have lived under tyranny for so long it seems that they have been brainwashed,” interjected Velga.

“Mine also. Their government has lied to the people for so long that they have begun believing the lies. The government has control of its military forces and wouldn’t hesitate to use it against any uprising that started. The greed and hopelessness is so apparent there. It makes me sad,” commented Gooba.

Only a few nodded in agreement. The others, knowing that where they were, it was too late.

“I have saved the most important topics for last. The first one is this. The removal of God from their schools and government. Any comments?” asked Ooma, knowing that he would get a response.

“How can they do that? Don’t they realize how dangerous it is?”

“I learned about God every day in school. Don’t they want that? Don’t they want to feel God’s presence?”

“How can their governments make wise decisions? Jannus sits on our Planet Council, helping us make Godly decisions. Without him, we would be in a mess.”

Ooma nodded and answered, “When they forced God away, the beginning of their downfall began. Those who saw what was happening tried to stop it but it was too late. Children in school, can’t pray or share about God without getting in trouble. Satan deceived the elected officials, influencing them to make these decisions. Not only did he cause the removal of God, but he orchestrated the stopping of their Pledge Of Allegiance, the removal of the Cross from public buildings, and a number of other atrocities against God and patriotism. What has happened is very sad. Now, for the last topic, the failure of the churches. Any comments.

From the back of the craft came weeping. Deep, gut-wrenching sobs. Ooma waited for the person to regain composure.

“Churches are half full or they are closing. I don’t understand it. On our planet, everybody goes to church. Except for this mission, I have never missed a church service in my life. I wouldn’t even consider missing church. What is wrong with this planet?” the person sobbed.

Ooma nodded and replied, “It is called sin. Remember, they rebelled against God and Satan has control of the Earth. Again, that is why Jesus came, died on the cross, and created a way back to God for those who believe in Him.”

“Satan doesn’t have control, he has a stranglehold!”

“And why are there so many religions? Earthlings are caught up in so many things, Buddhism, Muslim, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Catholicism, and Christianity. That is just an example, it is so confusing.”

Ooma again answered, “Again, it is Satan. He is the author of confusion, causes God’s word to be misinterpreted, and creates dissension. He does his best to disrupt.”

“There are very few children, of any age, in the churches. Why?”

“Satan tries to make church boring to the youth. He puts ideas in their heads, and tickles their ears with promises of better and more interesting things,” replied Ooma.

“There are some churches that are flourishing but there are so many that are closing their doors. With no youth and the elderly congregation passing away, there is no way to keep them open. Heritage and history is disappearing.”

Ooma nodded in agreement.

“How do you know so much about what is happening on Earth?”

“I have been making this journey for many years. I always accompany the Earth expeditions,” Ooma replied.

As the craft quieted down a hand shot up from the back of the craft.

“Ooma, I have a question.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“Why do you bring us here? I know that it is mandatory. Everyone on our planet has to come to Earth during their lifetime. Please tell me why?’

The same question had been on everyone’s mind and now they would get the answer.

Ooma began, “It’s quite simple. Our Planet Council deemed it necessary. They want you to see what rebellion against God looks like. They wanted you to see all of the hopelessness, pain, heartache, and chaos a lost planet has to endure. The wars, killings, bigotry, and discrimination keep people away from God. On our planet, we live in a perfect world. God provides and takes care of us. What you have seen could have just as easily been us. Thank God it didn’t. That is why we come. This spacecraft is just a small part of curiosity and retrospect. God has allowed us to observe Earth but we are forbidden to make contact with the Earthlings. I do not know why, only God knows. Consequently, the Earthlings are afraid of us. It is their human nature to fear something that they don’t understand. And since they don’t know if we are hostile or not, they have tried to capture us, even to the point of trying to destroy us. How many of you saw fabrications about us? Science fiction movies, magazines, and books. They are fascinated with the unknown. As you know, there are more craft leaving our planet all the time, making this journey. We are the only planet where the people look like Earthlings so it is easy for us to intermingle with them. And we are not alone. All of the other occupied planets are doing the same. They are sending expeditions to Earth also. They are not able to intermingle, because of their appearance, so we share our information with them. The goal is to learn from Earth’s mistakes. We will continue these excursions until God takes control and reclaims Earth as His own. We will not allow ourselves to fall away from God. No! Never!”

July 31, 2020