Running From A Squirrel

I was going fishing
And was walking down a trail
When something bizarre happened
It made me ashen and pale

Down the trail, it came
Was heading straight for me
A fox squirrel, twitching, cavorting
Amongst the tall, oak trees

One moment it was hopping
Then it rolled wildly in the dirt
Jumped up, stumbled, ran sideways
That trail I did rapidly desert

On it came straight toward me
Two pounds of pure terror
Saliva was dripping from its mouth
Rabies, there was no error

I panicked, turned, and ran away
Afraid of a tiny little rodent
All I could suddenly think of
Was shots, vaccine, quite potent

Now I’m not afraid of much
But that day I was scared
Thoughts of thirst, stark madness
Made me of a squirrel beware

Tuesday, June 21, 2022