By His Stripes

My son, I can’t believe
The agony that you endure
I gladly died on the cross
So that your healing is assured

My son, I can see you
So bound up with pain
The grimace on your face
There’s no reason to explain

Every moan that I hear
Makes me want to come
Place my hands upon you
Restore your face so glum

By my stripes, you’re healed
It’s really as simple as that
It happened during my beating
With a nine-tailed cat

But hinder me, you have
By not trusting in my Word
I’d have come much sooner
If your faith had occurred

For I shed my blood freely
For your healing, I loved you
To receive it, it is simple
It is entirely up to you

I am here to heal you
It’s a promise I have made
When your body is tormented
My peace for pain will trade

When Satan has you down
Just look him in the face
“In Jesus name, I am healed”
And put him in his place

Tuesday, June 14, 2022