Miss Millie


Miss Millie was a spinster

She was almost a century old

Her life, she lived to the fullest

As her golden years were bold

Stepping off the assisted living bus

She was easy to pick out

Her voice grated on your nerves

No matter whisper or shout

She wore a hot pink mini skirt

Lime green tube  covered her frame

Orange stilettos were on her feet

Best dressed senior was her claim

Her hair color was anyone’s guess

As she always wore a wig

One day green, the next day blue

Or maybe an afro way too big

A comical scene she did portray

Was her makeup applied upside down?

Her knobby knees, sagging skin

Either made you laugh or frown

A travel mug was always in her hand

For when she got too hot

From time to time she’d take a sip

Favorite drink, Brandy, apricot

No man could escape her attention

She’d leer and always give a wink

A smile would cross her painted face

Causing me to pause and think

If this is her old-age secret

As totally ludicrous as it may sound

I’ll buy a chartreuse polyester suit

And become a geriatric clown!

Friday, June 24, 2022