When He Comes Knocking

When He comes knocking on your door

Will you go and see who is there?

Or will you ignore, refuse to answer

Decline to listen to what he shares?

And if He keeps on persistently knocking

And you refuse to let Him come in

It means you’re comfortable where you are

And you will keep on committing sin

The knocking on your door you will ignore

And will continue to turn a deaf ear

Over time that knocking will fade away

Your response to Him was crystal clear

But if that knocking makes you curious

Then there’s a chance you will listen

The truth to you will become revealing

And in remorse, your eyes will glisten

That knocking will then become a tugging

As your heartstrings, He will pull

And then as the Holy Spirit convicts

Your repentance will be honest and full

Whether the knock is subtle or loud

He will continue until you say no

He will cry because He truly loves you

Knowing that to Hell you will go

If you get very quiet you can hear it

That gentle knocking in your heart

Our precious Savior has come calling

His love for you will never depart

He stands patiently at your heart’s door

Waiting for you to let Him come in

He will save you just as you are

With His blood, He’ll wash away your sin

Friday, November 11, 2022