The Storm

You can tell when it’s coming
The wind begins to briskly blow
From the southwest, it races
Dark, ominous, the coming show

When the temperature drops
You know that it’s almost here
Pray that it comes during daylight
Because at night you deal with fear

Rain begins with a drop or two
Grows heavier and then it pours
Sometimes hail as big as golf balls
Beats against your windows and doors

The electrical show in the sky
Can be a fantastic sight to behold
Flashes, streaks, rumbles of thunder
Is mother nature’s attempt to scold

In the distance, you hear a train
Strange, your town has no tracks
The wind dies down, the sky is green
You can hear things break and crack

From the clouds, it has dropped
Churning, twisting, deadly as it comes
A vortex intent on destruction
Not caring whom it causes to succumb

Many horrible names it is called
Tornado, twister, cyclone, water spout
It strikes fear in the bravest men
Hoping they’ll never face one, no doubt

So when the sirens loudly wail
And to your window, you quickly run
Be wary of what may be coming
A day of horror may have just begun

Friday, June 17, 2022