Parson Wooley

He rode into town early Sunday morning
Astride a swayback, lop-eared, brindle mule
He was dressed in black, pistol on his hip
Those who saw him kept quiet, they weren’t fools

At the end of the muddy street,  his destination
A ramshackle shack made of hewn logs
He guessed it would have to do today
Tomorrow it would probably be full of hogs

Dismounting, he was met by an old lady
Gingham dress, matching bonnet on her head
“Parson Wooley! You better get out of here!
“Tunk Watts is drunk, says he’ll shoot you dead!”

“Parson, when he’s drunk he’s a devil!”
“Most folks around here are scared of him!”
“When he’s liquored up you watch out!”
“The odds of whipping him are mighty slim!”

“Ma’am, I have the Lord on my side”
“I have no earthly reason to ever be afraid”
“I have yet to see a bully face the Lord”
“And not be humbled, their sin displayed”

He was reading Genesis when it happened
Through the door, Tunk Watts stumbled in
A bottle in one hand, pistol in the other
And he was hellbent on committing a sin

“Parson! I’m gonna shoot you dead!”
He laughed out loud while taking aim
His laughter ceased and he dropped his gun
From that moment Tunk was never the same

Standing in front of Parson was an angel
Dressed in white, stood nine feet tall
He was encircled by a beam of light
Dwarfing everything, making it look small

Down on his knees, Tunk was cowering
Fear was etched clear across his face
He couldn’t take his eyes off the angel
The drunken leer was wiped clean, erased

Parson went and knelt down by his side
Pushed the pistol and bottle out of the way
Placed his hand on Tunk’s trembling shoulder
As he prayed he heard harps begin to play

That Sunday he led Tunk to the Lord
Watched a sinner turn his life around
Instead of hearing curses come from him
Out of his mouth came worship sounds

“Parson, something happened to me today”
“Funny! I have no desire for a drink”
“I feel all warm and happy deep inside”
“I really don’t know what to think”

“Tunk, today you met the Lord, Jesus
“He forgave you of all of your sins”
“Now you are a new creation in Christ”
“His blood washed you clean, without, within”

Tuck walked away with a smile on his face
Parson went to his mule and got aboard
As he left town he just had to smile
He had led another sinner to the Lord


It seems that I am on a Western binge.  That is all that is coming to me.  I hope you like this. If interested in more, then look for "Sully Rankin"  Again, I hope you enjoyed this

Wednesday, August 17, 2022