A Gun Goes Off

A gun goes off in the night
Sending death upon its way
Depending on how accurate it is
It can take an innocent life away

A slight pressure on the trigger
And the mayhem can’t be recalled
Its purpose is to kill, destroy
The consequences are never small

A moment when rage controls you
Getting even is all that you think
When nothing else even matters
When hate brings you to the brink

One visit to a solemn cemetery
To lay a loved one to their rest
Because of a desperate situation
When they failed, came in second best

Or maybe a grieving mother’s cry
As she says goodbye to her child
Because of being an innocent bystander
Caught a bullet that went wild

They say it is human nature to kill
It’s been going on since Cain and Abel
Satan made sure of all of this
He tries hard to keep us disabled

Some argue take away the guns
Others say guns aren’t the cause
Killing will continue regardless
Using whatever’s handy, just because

The only answer to this is God
Allow Him to fix it, we must
Have Him replace all your rage
With love and you will adjust

Friday, June 17, 2022