Have you ever been a wannabe?
Wanna do that, wanna do this
All your life you’ve searched
And you always seem to miss

In your life is something missing
And you’re never satisfied?
Are you always spending money
On things that never gratify?

Do you search for the wrong reasons”
Have you been married several times?
Is the relationship you’re in futile
And sadly completely out of line?

Or is your employment an issue
Do you change jobs every year?
Thinking something’s better out there
Adding frustration to your fear

Do people tend to avoid you?
Call you “Loser” behind your back
Are you overbearing and boastful
Because of the peace that you lack?

Some people realize, fix it early
Others struggle along the way
As for me, I was the latter
Until the answer came to me one say

All of my life I had struggled
And collecting things was my bane
I would buy, always searching
But nothing satisfied, so mundane

Over sixty years I had searched
The answer was there all the time
I’ve found happiness, fulfillment
Putting my thoughts to rhyme

Now everyone’s life has a calling
Something ordained for them to do
Happiness comes when you find yours
Just be patient and wait for the clue

Friday, June 17, 2022