I Was Gone

One moment I was in my truck

And in a twinkling, I was gone

I distinctly heard a trumpet blast

On that cold October dawn

As I rose I looked all around

Saw others ascending just like me

The number of us was astounding

Wondered how many could there be

Above me, I saw an amazing sight

The heavens had opened wide

A beacon of light, it beckoned us

The shaft of light was our guide

Faster and faster we approached

We were clothed in purest white

We were arrayed for a wedding

As His bride entered His sight

A multitude had arrived before us

The dead had been called first

I saw members of my family

Illuminated in that holy Sonburst

On a cloud stood King Jesus

With His arms opened wide

Gathering all His faithful to Him

Rapturing His church with pride

Once we all were assembled

To our Heavenly home, He led

The battle was over, race was run

Christ and His bride were wed

June 14, 2022