It's Called Street Bowling

 Late at night, they did it

Broke into a closed bowling alley

Loaded their car with fifty balls

Getting out of there; didn’t dally

The convertible top was down

The back seat was piled high

Drunk as a skunk they were

Go bowling? They were gonna try

At fifty-five miles an hour

While laughing, they let one go

A bouncing projectile it became

Where it stops? Nobody knows!

A cannonball it quickly became

Striking whatever was in its way

At that high rate of speed

There was going to be hell to pay!

Oncoming traffic was in peril

As each ball took a toll

Rolling a strike was their wish

A perfect game became their goal

When trouble arrived it was fast

The chase, it so quickly began

The cops, they were after them

In a very short time span

Over the trunk, they rolled them

The police, balls tried to dodge

One even had to pull over

From his grill a ball dislodge

Balls were bouncing everywhere

No place was even remotely safe

From the cops, they got away

By pure luck and a little faith

Using city streets for bowling alleys

A novel thing when you’re drunk

Roll a strike, always your goal

Get caught! Enjoy your cell bunk!

June 14, 2022