The Chamberpot

Around the family, it traveled
Showing up at inopportune times
A chipped granite chamber pot
Was the instrument of family crime

On the porch, it would openly sit
Just before the guests arrived
How it got there was a secret
Its origins couldn’t be derived

No matter how hard you tried
To keep it away for good
That little granite chamber pot
Wound up in your neighborhood

Functions, you tried to keep secret
It was found out anyway
That pot crisscrossed the country
Always there on the fated day

It was there at dinner parties
Where black tie and gown were worn
At high school graduations
Birthday parties, and babies born

Embarrassment you endured
While explaining it to your guests
Knowing you’d return the favor
Your effort, you’d give it your best

The scheming that took place
And the way things worked out
Especially when done successfully
Would make the perpetrators shout

Everybody knew that it was coming
The victim they would horribly tease
Knowing that their time was coming
When that pot handle they’d squeeze

The pot, it is no longer around
Brothers and sisters are dead and gone
No more explanations are needed
The chamber pot, it was pawned!

Friday, June 17, 2022