A Halloween Surprise


The porch light was on

The candy dish was full

The candle in the pumpkin

Cast shadows on the ghoul

He was waiting for them

A Bigfoot costume, he wore

He hoped he was frightening

When he opened the door

The doorbell began to ring

He saw ghosts and fairies

Batman, Hulk, and Thor

And others just as scary

As he turned the light off

The doorbell rang once more

He opened it and stared

At something never seen before

It was very tall and lean

It had an oversized head

Two oval eyes, no mouth

It filled him with dread

To a spaceship, it led him

Then they hurtled through space

Landing on a distant planet

Where he met another race

They stood eight feet tall

Were covered with long hair

Had feet that were oversized

With big red eyes, they glared

They took a look at him

And began a gibberish laugh

His costume didn’t fool them

From him, ripped it in half

Now he is a spectacle

And much to his dismay

Daily, he is on exhibit

On a planet so far away

Wednesday, October 26, 2022