I Had Me A Calico Cat

I had me a calico cat
He went by the name of Spot
As cats go, he was ok
Our friendship was not so hot

Now male calicos are rare
And worth a lot of money
For some reason, few are born
To me seems kind of funny

Spot was an adventurous soul
And one day met his match
Wandered into our neighbor’s yard
By a German Shepherd got snatched

It was over in a few moments
Spot, became a very dead cat
The neighbor came to our door
Carrying Spot, wanted to chat

“I’m sorry that Kaiser killed him”
“I couldn’t stop it in time”
“Is there anything I can do
To fix this canine feline crime?”

“He was worth a lot of money”
“For him, I paid a grand”
“You know, male calicos are rare”
“Breeding him was my plan”

Now Spot has been stuffed
On my mantle, he now sits
The neighbor paid the taxidermist
That’s all that I could get

I miss my three-colored cat
“I can’t help it, it’s true
To replace Spot would be hard
Because males, there are few

One day I will find another one
In the house, he will stay
No more chances will I take
Kaiser will go hungry every day

Friday, June 17, 2022