God In The Night Time

When the moon comes over the mountains
And the night birds sing their songs
The gentle breeze among the trees mingle
You sense it is where you truly belong

To walk among the trees and listen
To the whispers floating in the air
Knowing that what you are hearing
Are the things God wants to share

The simple things He lets us hear
Let them sink deeply into your soul
They are easier to hear during the night
Getting our attention is His primary goal

The distractions at night are few
It is when His wonders he weaves
For His kingdom is always before you
In which you revel and you believe

In an owl’s flight, you’ll find His freedom
His creation is seen in the stars
Honeysuckle’s fragrance is His perfection
Whippoorwill’s call, grace from afar

The sights and sounds of the night
They are proof that our God is near
For there is safety in night’s sanctuary
Our God is not the author of fear

Friday, June 17, 2022