No Longer Lame

On the floor he quietly laid

He was face down before the altar

The Holy Spirit had arrived

His presence, He did not falter

He knew the Holy Spirit was here

The congregation on the floor did lie

Turning his head, he took a peek

What he saw it made him cry

He saw his elderly grandmother

On her knees before the Lord

Tears were streaming down her face

She and God were in one accord

He watched as she was enveloped

By an amazing holy ring of fire

He saw a smile on her face

As God granted her obvious desire

Her arthritic knees no longer ached

Her vision became bright and clear

To her feet, she happily arose

And her healer she loudly cheered

Around that sanctuary, she raced

Shouting and praising His Holy name

Eyes shut tight, she never stopped

“Praise God! I’m healed!” she proclaimed

On that floor, he began to cry

Couldn’t stop it, the tears flowed

His grandmother had been healed

That was all he needed to know

Lifting his voice, he began to shout

“Thank you, Jesus! Praise your name!”

“Because of the beating you endured

My grandmother is no longer lame!”

June 14, 2022