The Basket

On the picnic table sits a basket

It was placed there for you and me

Its contents are to be eaten, digested

Fulfilling our spiritual needs as decreed

Inside the basket there are answers

For any problem, you will ever face

With the knowledge you find inside

Every dire situation can be erased

There is milk for the new converts

As they begin to study God’s Word

There is meat for the steadfast

When digested their spirit it stirs

For the thirsty, there is Living Water

Take one sip and you’ll long for more

Jesus died so that you can drink

It flows from Heaven like never before

The Bread Of Life you can partake of

In remembrance of what Jesus did

He will satisfy all of your longings

As nothing from you will ever be hid

For dessert, the Fruit Of The Spirit

Each one created to satisfy your needs

They are there to minister to you

Just as the Heavenly Father has decreed

Faithfulness, Patience, Joy, Generosity

Gentleness, Kindness, Peace, Self Control

Each one of these is very special

As they deal with your spirit and soul

There is one special fruit that is left

It is the most important of them all

This fruit is the epitome of The Father

His love will always outshine them all

All of this nourishment is in there

For in the basket there is a holy book

When opened your picnic will begin

All you have to do is take a hungry look

Take each page and slowly devour it

Let its power invigorate your soul

The Holy Bible is all you’ll ever need

To make your spirit healthy and whole

Everyone needs to go on a picnic

From that basket eat a hearty meal

Let the power of the Holy Spirit

Overcome you and be spiritually healed

Friday, July 29, 2022