I Want To Go!

I want to go to Heaven
It is my ultimate goal
To abide there with Jesus
My spirit is in His control

I want to see my Savior
And walk into his embrace
I want to see His scars
And look upon His Holy face

I want to hear Him say
“My Son, well done, You’re home”
“I checked before you came”
“Your name’s written in my tome”

I want to see my family
My parents, grandparents too
Meet family I’ve never met
Relatives that I never knew

“I want to go to the banquet
The Marriage Supper OF The Lamb
To eat on vessels of gold with
The one called The Great I Am

I want to see my mansion
And walk those streets of gold
I want to see the pearly gates
As through scriptures, I’ve been told

I want to see my guardian angel
And thank him for my life
I’m sure there have been times
He saved me from pain and strife

I want to ride a white horse
Be led into battle by Him
Defeat Satan once and for all
Nullify all his plans and whims

I want to see the Father
Before Him I will humbly bow
Be in awe of His Holy presence
And His love for me right now

Yes, I want to go to Heaven
And one day I will fly away
To meet my Jesus in the air
On that great Hallelujah day

Tuesday, June 14, 2022