Eating Woes

I wish they hadn’t been invented
All of the things so bad for you
The things that always taste the best
The doctors say they are taboo

You have to admit fried tastes better
Than baked or boiled or steamed
When told you can’t have it anymore
Then fried chicken invades your dreams

And sugar is another delicious demon
Shows up in everything that I like
My stomach shows the dreaded effects
I need to do miles on an exercise bike

One day they’ll say something is bad
The next day they will change their mind
What you can eat you have no clue
You take chances whenever you dine

Don’t eat this, definitely don’t eat that
Your cholesterol’s gone out of sight
Your blood sugar is skyrocketing
Candy, cakes, pies, not another bite!

I’ve determined I’m not gonna starve
A diet someday I will probably try
That is until before me is placed
A big slice of my favorite pecan pie!

Tuesday, June 21, 2022