When you think about surgery
Your stomach, it gets queasy
Getting Your body operated on
It never does come easy

First comes the pre-ops
Into your arm goes an IV
Don’t forget that stupid gown
You have no privacy

The nurse has her questions
Some are relevant, some not
The room, it is absolutely freezing
A warm blanket; is all you got

Anesthesiologist sees you
“Are you allergic to anything?”
Your standard answer, “Needles”
IV in your arm, it stings”

The surgeon comes to see you
To put your mind at ease
Asks you what he’s fixing
You aren’t very pleased

You wake up in recovery
Groggy, you can hardly speak
Nurses, they laugh at you
You are so incredibly weak

All of your faculties come back
You realize there’s a mistake
Gallbladder surgery was scheduled
Brain surgery they did make

Your gallbladder, it still hurts
But feeling it, you don’t
The brain cells they removed
Makes sure that you won’t

Further surgeries, count you out
Rather live your life in pain
The next time under the knife
May take all of your brains!

Friday, June 17, 2022