Under The Bed!

Late at night, I heard it

A rustling came from below

From my bed, I got up

Under my bed, flashlight shone

In a corner I see movement

Surprised, I see shiny eyes

Whatever it is, I don’t know

It begins making hideous cries

I jump back into my bed

Pull the cover over my head

Thoughts of what could happen

Filled my mind with dread

I heard it climb upward

Felt its weight on my bed

I begin to whimper out loud

Will I soon be dead?

Then I heard a loud knock

And a cry, “Open the door!”

It was my brother, Randy

To the door, I quickly tore

Looking fearfully behind me

I opened the door to find

My brother searching everywhere

He was almost out of his mind

“Squeals got out of his cage!”

“I can’t find him anywhere!”

“Have you seen him tonight?

“He has long, brown, stringy hair!

With a mighty sigh of relief

I picked up my baseball bat

Slammed the door, went hunting

For my brother’s escaped pet rat!

Friday, September 2, 2022