Pickle Patch Johnny

Little Johnny’s in the pickle patch

He’s eating them as fast as he can

If not careful he’ll get a stomach ache

Those little cucumbers, he’s a fan

Before long he had eaten them all

And his stomach, it got queasy

On all fours from the patch, he crawled

He was in pain, it wasn’t easy

His mother took him to the doctor

Doc said, “He needs his stomach pumped”

Off to the hospital, they hurried him

Where his stomach’s contents they dumped

Immediately he felt much better

No more cucumbers will he eat

Now he is back in the garden

Gorging himself on raw red beats

Little Johnny, he will never learn

He’s back in the hospital again

This time it’s a whole lot worse

A few days there he will spend

From the garden, he is barred

No more culinary mistakes will he make

He’s back in the emergency room

He just ate a rhubarb pound cake!

June 14, 2022