Irritable And Grumpy

Irritable shouted at Grumpy
“Can’t you do anything right?”
Grumpy glared back at Irritable
“Oh! No! Not another fight!”

Around and around they went
Sparring with their words
Things better off left unsaid
Made sure they were heard

They both were very sick
Were on each other’s nerves
Little things became mountains
From them, they didn’t swerve

All day long this goes on
Both of them are mad
Instead of helping each other
What they’re doing is sad

Sickness brings out the worst
You say things you shouldn’t
Retrieving them, so hard to do
Often saying things you wouldn’t

“Didn’t scoot your chair in!”
“I am not your slave!”
“If you don’t do better
You’ll put me in my grave!”

“I no sooner get sat down
“I’m getting something for you!”
“Can’t you see that I am sick?”
“Don’t you even have a clue?”

They know they love each other
Not feeling good, it’s tough
This verbal boxing match will end
Of giving each other guff

Each other, they try to avoid
Stay out of each other’s way
Until they are over being sick
There will be hell to pay!

Tuesday, June 21, 2022