A Hungry Child

Silently he stood and watched  
The boy lift the garbage can lid  
With a cry of glee, he grabbed it  
He ran behind a dumpster and hid    

Slowly he moved for a better view  
Saw the boy sharing what he had  
A little girl stood there before him  
Dressed in dirty clothes, looked sad    

The boy looked up and saw him  
Grabbed the girl’s hand and ran  
He tried to follow, couldn’t keep up  
It was hard on the little old man    

The next day he was there again
Hoping that they would come back
He knew inside he wanted to help
He knew all about enduring lack

As a child, he had done the same
Scavenged, he kept his family alive
Now it was finally his turn to help
Determined, for success he’d strive

From his hiding spot, he saw them
Carefully up the alley, they crept
Gaunt and tired and surely hungry
Many a night empty bellies slept

In his arms, he held a paper sack
Containing milk, bread, canned goods
He had purchased it for them
Take it, he hoped that they would

The boy warily approached the can
From the shadows, he softly stepped
“Son,” he called, “don’t be afraid
“I want to help you,” he softly wept

“But Mister, I don’t know you!
“And trust you? I don’t know!”
“I can see you have a paper sack.”
“Its contents will me you show?”

He set the sack on the ground
And then slowly he backed away
“Dear Lord, please let him see
That I’m trying to help,” he prayed.

The boy looked into that paper sack
And his eyes welled up with tears
“Thank you!” he cried and ran away
It reminded him of his past years

For him, someone had done the same
Gave help when he needed it the most
Restored hope in someone so hungry
He turned to God and became close

There are thousands of hungry children
Waiting for someone to see their plight
Hoping that someone will see their need
Won’t have to endure another hungry night

Friday, June 17, 2022