Randy's Struggle

Randy was in an awkward spot
He was about to commit a sin
The Holy Spirit was whispering
Triggering a conflict deep within

One moment he wanted to watch
That movie of hardcore porn
The next, the guilt was heavy
From watching it he was torn

Satan kept whispering in his ear
“It’s ok! Go ahead and watch.”
The Holy Spirit was insistent
Again the thought was botched

Back and forth it raged within
And Randy was emotionally spent
Every time that Satan spoke
On defense, the Holy Spirit went

Finally, the Holy Spirit won
And the television was turned off
Randy said a thankful prayer
Satan watched and again scoffed

He knew there’d be another time
When he would offer Randy sin
Maybe the Spirit wouldn’t be watching
Then he would slyly begin again

But the Holy Spirit knew better
Placed conviction on Randy’s heart
Randy got saved, received power
Rebuked Satan before he could start

Thursday, June 16, 2022