A Box Of Chocolates

If life is a big box of chocolates

It’s up to you to make a choice

You must make the right decision

Or grumble loudly, lift your voice

If only the chocolates were marked

And you knew exactly what you got

But you take your chances, try one

Sets well on your stomach? Probably not

Some chocolates, start out sweet

Then grow bitter the further you go

And how to tell them all apart

We would most surely like to know

Most choices will affect your life

So it’s all in what chocolate you choose

For life, it can be a fickle thing

Make the wrong choice and you lose

That box of candy can be expensive

They could possibly cost you your soul

As I said, it’s all in your choice

Picking the right one, the ultimate goal

Usually, wrong choices are more attractive

Their packaging is pleasing to the eye

They beckon to your greedy senses

Just look at me! I’m so easy to try!

Correct choices tend to be well packaged

With no frills to entice, draw you in

These packages tend to be Holy

Because they won’t cause you to sin

June 14, 2022