When You Love Someone

 When you say you truly love someone

Then your inner feelings you have bared

It is an emotion that is so powerful

That it is impossible not to be shared

First, you must determine is it real

Or has wishful thinking taken over?

There’s a thing that is called puppy love

It happens when you’re young, moreover

Sometimes your hormones come to the surface

Making you confuse lust for love

But if it is true love that you feel

Then it comes down from Heaven above

Next to repentance, the most important words

That a person will probably ever say

Because they come from your heart’s depths

You cautiously call them forth one day

Now love without showing it is worthless

Nothing but lip service it usually is

Action is worth ten thousand words

While you’re embroiled in a love quiz

So, when you finally find your true love

Show it in every way that you can

Because love is too precious to squander

Risk losing it? You deserve a reprimand

So, when love finally happens to you

Embrace it and handle it with care

Because God has given you something precious

It is for you to freely share

June 14, 2022