Sunday School Questions

Jane was teaching Sunday School

Her class, the little ones

She never knew what to expect

Most times it was fun

The questions they would ask

Sometimes put her on the spot

You never know what a child will ask

Inappropriate or not

“How old is God?”

“Does He look like us?”

“Does He ride on a cloud?”

“Or does He take the bus?”

“What does He look like?”

“Anything like you or me?”

“Does He use the bathroom?”

“Does He ever have to pee?”

“What are His favorite foods?”

“Does He like angel food cake?”

“Does He ever get in trouble?”

“Have to take a time-out break?”

“Is He Jesus’s daddy?”

“I think Mary is His mom.”

“Will my puppy go to Heaven?”

“Will I ever go to a prom?”

“Will I go to Heaven?”

“Or that other nasty place?”

“Will I see mommy and daddy?”

“Will I know their face?”

“Teacher, can you tell me

What I want to know?”

Before the class is over

And I have to go?”

“So, teacher please tell me

I have another question to ask.”

“Does God really love me”

“I just had to ask.”

June 14, 2022