A Sound In My Ear

There’s a sound in my ear
It sounds like a motor running
Its origin will amaze you
From a creature agile and cunning

The creature is on my shoulder
It is where it wants to be
The sound, one of contentment
It is perfectly all right with me

This creature might weigh a pound
And she already rules the house
Pretty much gets what she wants
She has never seen a mouse

As a climber, there’s none better
In her legs she has springs
We’ve learned to put breakables away
Because Ginger’s into everything

One moment on the back of the couch
The next ,under the love seat
Then she is in your lap
Then on the floor chewing your feet

The sound I hear is a purr
Coming from our little calico kitty
A sound that if you’ve never heard
I would classify it as pity

Tuesday, June 14, 2022