A War Was Raging

In my mind war was raging
A myriad of thoughts there were
I had a good idea of the origins
Most were bad, I was quite sure

The thoughts kept coming
I knew they were Satan-inspired
Constantly rolling through my mind
They beat me down, made me tired

A loud voice said, “You’re a Christian?”
“Then why are those thoughts there?”
“Are you really what you claim to be?”
“Then just answer me if you dare!”

I started to answer, was interrupted
“Are you sure that you are saved?”
“Are you just going through the motions?”
“Or are you deluded and depraved?”

In my mind, the battle kept raging
As Satan planted a seed of doubt
Thoughts of my past sins were there
Something I could definitely do without

But then I heard yet another voice
Into my mind, it so gently spoke
“My child, I’m here to help you
“Through me, Satan’s power can be broke”

“The battle that’s raging in your mind”
“It was forever won at the cross”
“The thoughts that you’ve been having”
“Are Satan’s feeble tries because He’s lost”

“My son, you have all of my power”
“Don’t forget to stand on my word”
“Rebuke Satan’s voice when it comes”
“And nor will he torment or be heard”

Friday, June 17, 2022